Friday, October 30, 2009

Motel House By:J.R


I have a game called The Sims 3 you manage peoples live build houses and more and this is a Motel House with eating area pool and a owners house. Check out these pictures I took of the place.Sims 3 is a 3d game


K.P said...

I like your house t is very creative.K.P

Mrs Shep said...

Hi Mega 25. You have a great blog. I really like your house JR, especially the pool area. I also enjoyed watching the puppet play.
From Mrs Shep

S.A said...

Very cool and creative J.R.How long did it take you to make?

T.L.K said...

Wow J.R this house looks so real.
I wish I lived in it.

Miss S. said...

I have to agree with KP. You have shown lots of creativity here. I am impressed with the way you improve each house you make! We look forward to seeing some more amazing houses.

Miss S.