Friday, August 28, 2009

Kashin Cards


Today we made some cards for Kashin. Here is the one
I made.My class will all miss her (well hopefully everyone).
Do you miss Kashin?

Robot Quiz Time!!!

Robot Quiz here come and give it a go!

In reading this fortnight my reading group ( The Spartans Of Reading) have been reading a book called Robots. For one of the tasks we had to make a questionnaire. Here are some questions for you!!!

Fantastic Fifteen


Please welcome Fantastic Fifteen from SPS to the blogging world by heading along and checking out their very first post. They would love for you to leave them a comment too!



Kashin Image from Auckland Zoo Website

This week marked a sad week for the Auckland Zoo. Kashin, 1 of the 2 asian elephants at the Zoo, had been suffering from a range of health problems for some time and zoo keepers had to make the hard decision to put her to sleep. Kashin was a much loved icon of the Auckland Zoo and had been at the Zoo since 1972.

This weekend will mark a memorial service for Kashin. You can head along to the Auckland Zoo on Sunday 30th August from 9.30am til 5pm. There will be lots going on for the day! The Zoo is expecting huge crowds and asks for you all to very patient with the crowds as everyone is there to celebrate the life of Kashin.

AC is going on to the Auckland Zoo on Saturday and is going to represent Mega 25 to drop off the cards and messages we have made for Kashin. Thanks AC!

If you would like to find out more about Kashin click here, or if you would like to know more about the Memorial service, click here!

Thanks for all the awesome memories Kashin!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



The Mediobot can go to any destination to find things it could use to make a medicine that can cure cancer. I designed this robot to do this because I think It is to dangerous for humans to go into destinations that are dangerous.

Boy by Roald Dahl

This is A.A's RRJ about a story about Roald Dahl's life when he was a kid.
I choose this part of the story because I thought this part of the story was very interesting.



In room 25 the champions read a book called energy and we had to make a poster about the energy that is best for the earth and this is my poster.

A Mouthful By Paul Jennings By S.A


This is the part from the story when Anna comes over for a sleepover and dad puts a prank on her.The prank is that dad puts a plastic cat poo on Anna s bed where she 1s going to sleep and eh puts the cat on the bed and then leaves quietly.Soon when Anna goes to sleep she finds the poo and screams ewe dad comes in with a rush and picks it up,pops it in to his mouth.Anna rushes over to the window and throws up outside

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Robot Questionnaire!

Click here for a amazing robot Questionnaire!

The questions are about robots and a lot more so come and answer the questionnaire!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Robot Quiz

My reading group (The spartans of reading, beware I did not come up with the group name!!!) have just read a book called "robots". We have to do 6 tasks (at least once or twice a week) and a extra for experts one.They are:
Remembering, understanding, applying, Analysing, evaluating, creating & extra for experts.
I chose analysing. Click here to do my robot quiz!!!

Robot Quiz!!!

Why a wolf would make a good pet By:J.R


Monday, August 17, 2009


This week in Thinking Skills we are using the BAR key to help us think creatively and design some new products. The BAR key stands for...

Today we took a skateboard and used the BAR key to change it.
Check out these video's to see our amazing thinking and designs.

Boy by Roald Dahl


This is the part from the story when roald Dahl goes to the sweet shop every day after school only if Roald Dahl and his friends had pennies Roald Dahl's faviroute was the sherbit sucker and the liquorice bootlaces.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

E.B's classroom booktalk:The gizmo


This book is a really good book!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Trip to Zazaina By: J.R

'Umm... Tim what is that flashing red light?" now this were James is horribly terrified.
"Oh that's just a sign saying we're going to crash and die DIE!!! Oh no how do we stop this piece of junk?" shouts Tim. "Oh look Tim its an emergency escape pod on an escape pod COOL, Lets hop on it". 5 seconds later..... BANG! "That was a close one good thing that we hoped on the 2nd escape pod and landed safely" said Tim. "Lets hop out" "OK" says James "Now Tim what planet are we on?" "According to the escape pod Zazania" said Tim "Za, what?" "Zazania James" "Oh Zazaina, I don't know this planet um... sorry Tim I forgot what year is it again?" said confused James. "It is galactic year 8056" said smart Tim. "Thanks buddy, I think that hole fire thing was a set up don't you think Tim?"
"Nah!, It was a gas leak? James" "Or was it, I think its about time I tell you something important well here it goes I'm a special Agent 93 of a top secret company" "Really James?" "Of course not I'm just being stupid" shouts James. "Well good" said Tim. "Well we have to find a way home some how" says James. " I agree lets go looking for items to blast that little escape pod all the way home!!!" shouts Tim "Tim I feel drowsy can I have a nap first for 8hours or something"whispers James. "Oh all right James" said Tim in a kind voice. 5 seconds later... "BLADAPAGA!" shouts the blood sucking Zazaian. "RUN!" screams Tim. "AHH!!!" shouts James "Get into the 2nd escape pod!!!" Tim and James leaped into the escape pod and slammed the door shut! "Its attacking the escape pod!!!" "Wait" says Tim :Its a cool thing that were the 1st humans to find Alien life" "Um Tim there's more!!!" said frighted James "There must be at least 20 more of them". The blood sucking Zazanians are taking Tim and James to their master and are going to eat them."Ahh!!!" screams Tim and James. "They have busted in were going to DIE!"shouts Tim and James. The Zazanians are now chaining James and Tim together.Tim and his buddy James are now at the Zazanian master Zarp "Earthlings!!! We have got all the things you need to get home, but were not going to give them to you" shouts Zarp. Suddenly ZARP leap's onto Tim and James and goobles them up.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Buck The Bunny by S.A


Name:Crazy Bucker.
Intrest's :Eating Carrots and chewing on toe nails.
Best Friend: Buck the Bunny.
Lives:In planet Zoumbounia sleeps in a rusted, old, yucky, mucky card board box.
Faviroute Memories:When she first brushed his buck teeth.
Personality:Grumpy all the time except with his loved ones but if you annoy her he will get angry or grumpy.
Strenght's and weaknesses:Her strenghts are lifting up any thing you tell him to, His weaknesses is he smells bad.
Wants most most in the world:To die so he can haunt people.Like his enemy Snake Snacker.
Gender:Both,He is sometimes a girl and sometimes a boy.
Age:9999+he will only die when her hair grows.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mathletics Accomplishment!

Well done Mega 25!!
Today when I was checking out the Mathletics website I found that we are placed as the 48th top class in the whole of New Zealand for Mathletics.

Miss T and I wonder if Mega 25 can do even better than this placing?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

AS's and SLKB's RRJ's

RRJ means reading responce journal. This cool journal is a cool way to tell people about what happens in the story's you have read.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Check out this game!

Click here to go play to Samarost 2

RRJ: Andy from Busting


Monday, August 3, 2009

RRJ:Busting By J.R


This is the when Andy is busting to go pee and the shopping center
is on fire so Andy pees on the fire and uts the fire out.



In room 25 we read a book called Boy and this is my RRJ.

Sweet shop by S.A


This is a story that we read in class and I did an RRJ on this book by Roald Dahl this book is all about his past!