Thursday, March 26, 2009

How To Draw Eyes

Video from the lesson with Mrs Scott in Visual Art today.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photo Fantastic #1

We are looking at photography as part of our Oral Language in the mornings. Here are our first 2 fantastic photos we talked about this morning...

What is happening inside and outside of this photo?

What do you think this animal is thinking?

Photo Credits - click on the photo to be taken to the original page:
1. Time Pictures Of The Week
2. National Geographic Photo Of The Day

Monday, March 23, 2009

Camp Fun

This is my example of our camp Comic Life stories - check back to see Mega 25s work.
It will be AMAZING!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skipping Superstars!

Well done to Miss T. and the students who took part in the Asia Downunder television article. It showed on tv this morning and is now on tv on demand. You all did your best and took part in a great article for them! Click on the picture below to go and watch the whole article - Mega 25 and Miss T. star in chapter 3.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Back From Camp

We have arrived home from camp!
Wow, what an awesome camp - we all worked so hard to be the very best that we could be while on camp. We were so awesome that the parents, teachers and other visitors at our camp thought we were amazing!

Look at this awesome camp photo from S.U.M!!

Next week there will be some work up to tell you all about our most favourite camp experiences.

Mega 25, Miss T. & Miss S.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The hip hop band,Restoration

We were walking to the hall for something. Really it was Restoration the hip hop band. Their names were Matt, John, Albert, Josh and Paul. They sung lots of songs. We clapped and sung along. John was really funny when we said ''good morning'' he said that his grandma said it better. They sung really loud and it took a long time. It was great fun. Then we were going to see who was the better dancers the girls, the boys or the teachers. That took ages to decide it. But finally they said that the teachers won, but all of teachers are girls. Then we went back to class.


The Restorations

On Thursday 12th March 2009 The Restorations came and they introduced themselves to us.They told us their names their names were Matt, John, Albert, Josh and Paul. They said they were all from Christchurch. They also told that they will help the kids on the street. They said that you should always stay in school, listen to your teachers and be a good person. After that they sang some of their songs which were Do It, Best Friend, Be Mine, Resto and Welcome. After every song everyone clapped and when they sang the song Resto they asked us to make diamond hands and put our hands up and down. They also asked us to hold one hand and put it up and down too. When they were about to leave a boy from a year six class came and said "thank you for coming and singing all those cool Hip Hop songs for us." They said "Bye" to everyone and the kids hi fived with with Matt, Josh, Albert, John and they went. Then all the kids went back to class and started studying again.

Written by C.W&A.A

The Restoration!

On Thursday's warm morning we all went to the hall to listen to the ''Restoration.''
At frist they introduced they names,they names are Matt,John,Albert,Josh and Paul.They introduced some songs and then the nextand the next songs. The next song, it was my favourite song.It is called ''Best friends.''It was so cool,and then the next song ,it was a hip hop it was called ''Do it.'' He told us to say ''Do it'' after him.At the last song Josh told us to put our hands up and make a diamonds. After that a boy said a nice sentence to them thanking them for coming.After that beautiful sentence Josh and Matt gave us high fives.After that Miss S told us to stand up and we went back to class.



"Why are we going the hall Miss Tizard?" "You'll have to wait until we get inside."
We went into the hall. "COOL a hip-hop band!
Today a hip-hop band called Restoration came. They sang the meanest songs!
My favourite song was "best friends!" The people in the bands names were Matt, John, Albert, Josh and Paul. Matt, John, Albert and Josh are the singers and Paul plays the electric guitar.
They sang lots of LOUD rap songs. One of the rap songs was called "Desperation".
The third song they made us dance to one of their favourite songs.
The last song they showed us had some actions and we danced their actions to another song.
It was really AWESOME seeing them perform.
I had a great day.
By. E.B


Today a Hip hop band came to Elm Park School. I asked Miss T where we were going. "You have to wait and see" she said. We walked in to the hall and all I heard was music. I looked at the stage, I saw 6 big guy's singing song's. They said that their band was named Restoration. They told us what their name's were Matt, John, Albert, Josh and Paul. They said they came from Christchurch. They help kid's off the street. My favourite song was "Best friend." I gave them a hi 5 and said good bye they said good bye and we left.


The Restoration

On Thursday 12th March a group of singing people named Restoration came to our school. The people are Matt, John, Albert, Josh and Paul. They started to sing and we all listened. They sang lots of hip hop songs. They told us not to drop out of school. They help kids on the streets. They came from Christchurch. Then it was the end and we had to come back to class.

by C.S


On Thursday 12th March 2009 a crew came and sang to us but first they introduced themselves their names were Matt, John, Josh, Albert,and Paul. They were very helpful and the important thing was that they were helping kids from the streets not drop out of school and to stay in school. Their name was Restoration. They had some really cool songs like this "Do It" song and heaps more and they sang some hip hop songs. We had a dance competition, it was a close one but the teachers won. Then they slapped our hands and they left.

By S.U.M


Today, our class went to the hall for Restoration. Some people called Matt, John, Albert and Paul were going to sing to us. First they introduce themselves. They encourage kids from the streets to stay at school and they came from Christchurch. Next they sang us some songs, but I forgot what they are called. They sang about five songs. In the last song we had to stand up and do some actions. After we left the hall.


Where are we going Miss Tizard? "You will have to wait and see" said Miss Tizard. WOW are we having a disco or something we all said? Once we had all settled down four men stood up and said "Hi Elm Park School". "How about a cheerful good morning?" "Good morning" he said. "Good morning"we all said in a non-excited tone. "Hey you know what?" said one of the men as he stood up and said "my grandma can do better than that she wakes me up in the morning with a cheerful good morning." "Anyway our band name is Restoration and we help kids get on their feet and go to school and get those brain's working hard." "Oky doky" said the second man and stood up "we're going to sing you a few song's,the genre is Hip hop." They sang a few songs and on the last song they told us to put our hands in the air and make a diamond then you have to bounce your hands up and down. The song ended and we stopped bouncing our hands "that was the last song" said one of the men. "But if you want to see us in the weekend go to Pacifica (Western Springs).

Written By : A.S & A.J

The Hip Hop

The man was singing hip hop.
The man was clapping.
He was singing with me.
He has a microphone.
He was moving.
They were cool.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ambury Farms

Please remember that the Ambury Farms trip is on
MONDAY the 15th March!

Augmented Reality

Today we had a look at Augmented Reality and we thought it was pretty amazing. You can watch the video below to see what this means. It was pretty cool looking into the future and seeing what our storybooks might look like soon!

To have a go at an Augmented Reality by GE electric click here. You will need a printer and webcam to do this.

Here is what it is like...

Here is a news article on Augmented Reality that talks about what storybooks could be like in the future.

What do you think about this?
Would you like to have storybooks like this?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Famous Skipping Superstars!!

On Thursday most of Room 25 skipped for the Heart Foundation and Asia Downunder. The camera man was really serious because he wanted everything to be PERFECT. We had to skip with one rope for a while and we did the basic skip, the bell, the skier and the crossover. Then we went in to groups and skipped with the long ropes. After we went to the plaground and played while the serious camera man interviewed the ladies from the Heart Foundation. If you want to see us we will be on Asia Downunder on the 22nd March 2009, 8.30 channel 1. Dont miss it! We had lots of fun !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

XO Computer


Check out this funky little laptop!
I just got to play with it - this laptop is part of a project called 'The One Laptop Project'. This is a project where people around the World buy one of these XO laptops and then a laptop is given free, to a child in a part of the World, where they don't have alot of technology.

Here is some more information.

Beyond IT

I am into Day 2 of my last conference for the week. I am at a conference with lots of other teachers who are absolutely amazing - I am very excited! We are talking alot about learning with technology and there are alot of amazing ideas being shared.

We were very lucky yesterday to be given a box with a bow on it... What do you think was in it?

Here is a photo from my hotel room - I look right across the city.
Can you see any buildings that you recognise?

Hope you are having a great week!
Miss S.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Excellent Expert 2 - Michelle & Nadine

Hey, Michelle and Nadine were our Excellent Experts number 2!

The Excellent Experts told us about their jobs. In their jobs they use statistics everyday. They are Market Researchers.

Firstly, Michelle and Nadine asked us lots of questions about Juice and how we drink it.

They asked us our favourite ice cream out of 3 decisions - Chocolate, Hokey Pokey and Strawberry. They asked us what we would prefer it in - either a cone or a bowl. Most people liked their ice cream in a bowl. We also made pie graph in Numbers.

They showed us a slideshow that had a cool movie in it about behind the scene of the Goody Goody Gum Drops on a stick. They told us about how it got made and how they helped Tip Top. They found out that people liked Goody Goody Gum Drops but they also like it on a stick. So Tip Top created Goody Goody Gum Drops on a stick!

They left us some wine gums to eat too. Michelle and Nadine were VERY excellent experts!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dancing Around The World


While away in Rotorua a few teachers took part in a dance in front of 1200 people! This was no ordinary dance... It involved people from New Zealand but also a very special attendee all the way from Shanghai, China! The video above was taken from Mrs Hellyers computer as she danced with us. Mrs Hellyer took part in the conference by using Skype!

This was based on a project that Ms King made showing people dancing all around NZ and the World.

Pretty amazing stuff, how we can all be so far away but so connected to each other! Can you see any other teachers you might recognise?


Hi Mega 25!

Right now i'm at Matamata talking to lots of teachers about using ICT in the class. I am having an awesome day and am meeting lots of amazing teachers too!

Do you know where Matamata is?

Miss S.