Friday, August 14, 2009

The Trip to Zazaina By: J.R

'Umm... Tim what is that flashing red light?" now this were James is horribly terrified.
"Oh that's just a sign saying we're going to crash and die DIE!!! Oh no how do we stop this piece of junk?" shouts Tim. "Oh look Tim its an emergency escape pod on an escape pod COOL, Lets hop on it". 5 seconds later..... BANG! "That was a close one good thing that we hoped on the 2nd escape pod and landed safely" said Tim. "Lets hop out" "OK" says James "Now Tim what planet are we on?" "According to the escape pod Zazania" said Tim "Za, what?" "Zazania James" "Oh Zazaina, I don't know this planet um... sorry Tim I forgot what year is it again?" said confused James. "It is galactic year 8056" said smart Tim. "Thanks buddy, I think that hole fire thing was a set up don't you think Tim?"
"Nah!, It was a gas leak? James" "Or was it, I think its about time I tell you something important well here it goes I'm a special Agent 93 of a top secret company" "Really James?" "Of course not I'm just being stupid" shouts James. "Well good" said Tim. "Well we have to find a way home some how" says James. " I agree lets go looking for items to blast that little escape pod all the way home!!!" shouts Tim "Tim I feel drowsy can I have a nap first for 8hours or something"whispers James. "Oh all right James" said Tim in a kind voice. 5 seconds later... "BLADAPAGA!" shouts the blood sucking Zazaian. "RUN!" screams Tim. "AHH!!!" shouts James "Get into the 2nd escape pod!!!" Tim and James leaped into the escape pod and slammed the door shut! "Its attacking the escape pod!!!" "Wait" says Tim :Its a cool thing that were the 1st humans to find Alien life" "Um Tim there's more!!!" said frighted James "There must be at least 20 more of them". The blood sucking Zazanians are taking Tim and James to their master and are going to eat them."Ahh!!!" screams Tim and James. "They have busted in were going to DIE!"shouts Tim and James. The Zazanians are now chaining James and Tim together.Tim and his buddy James are now at the Zazanian master Zarp "Earthlings!!! We have got all the things you need to get home, but were not going to give them to you" shouts Zarp. Suddenly ZARP leap's onto Tim and James and goobles them up.