Monday, August 10, 2009

Buck The Bunny by S.A

Name:Crazy Bucker.
Intrest's :Eating Carrots and chewing on toe nails.
Best Friend: Buck the Bunny.
Lives:In planet Zoumbounia sleeps in a rusted, old, yucky, mucky card board box.
Faviroute Memories:When she first brushed his buck teeth.
Personality:Grumpy all the time except with his loved ones but if you annoy her he will get angry or grumpy.
Strenght's and weaknesses:Her strenghts are lifting up any thing you tell him to, His weaknesses is he smells bad.
Wants most most in the world:To die so he can haunt people.Like his enemy Snake Snacker.
Gender:Both,He is sometimes a girl and sometimes a boy.
Age:9999+he will only die when her hair grows.


SummerlandPrimaryR4 said...

This is an awesome post I think Buck the bunny is cool!

mega 25 said...

Wow S.A buck the Bunny is so amazing.I like the way his faviroute memories where when he first brushed his teeth.


Anonymous said...

this is very very cool SA this reminds me of when i read a book it had characters just like this one...