Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well done Mega 25 on reaching over 2,500 visitors. You have had visitors from over 47 countries in the last 7 months. Miss T and I are very proud of this achievement and we will celebrate it next week!!

I know there are lots of regular visitors who are looking forward to seeing many more amazing posts in your last term in Mega 25... keep it up and who knows how many visitors we will have by December!!


Anonymous said...

Well done Mega 25.
I'm so happy.
I just know that we can reach 3,000 if we put lots of hard work into it.
Keep it up.

Mega 25 said...

wow that ninger that is writing 2,500


A.A said...

WOW!!! that is so cool Miss S. I think I know how many visitors we are going to have by december 3,900 or even more.;)

A.J said...

YES !!! Mega 25 finaly got 2.500 visitors I just wanted to also say thanks to Miss T and Miss S if you hadnt helped us along the way we would never have been able to do this great accomplishment.

From A.J

A.C.E said...

Wow that thing you put on the blog was really cool because you can tipe in any thing you want and it will do it.

ps pickle

S.W. said...

the ninja genarator is so cool!!!!!!!!1 he will slash wtever you type in.


K.L said...

this ninja generator is so awsome !!!
it types what ever you want it too.