Friday, September 11, 2009

character brainstorm by K.P

Rocky is in a plane fighting ningas please call later... hello jump the mane engan is on fire jump out the plane later....lookout a ice breg 5 min later sorry men we have to keep on men ok boss don't move a muslese rathat fire now rat hat look the temple of doom gold!!no HillyBilly that temple is caused by ghost no suts feg as ghost tams look loot not loot money look a hole mum dad holly rocky help i'm stuk in a box i'm coming hollly zac open the box before the ghost get back ok dad i will them you and mum mummy get out i will kill them once and of all ok rocky i will to you girl get back to the hut and go in secert hole and stay there until we get home go go!!now i can hear them come dance dance under the fire worm fire ha a ps2 sweet be quiet now rocky mario come on men fight of freedom hide and we will scare them out of the country a ferrari i am going to sale it of 30000000 dollars tams can get of free because he is my best friend we meet at childrens daycare and it was bofe of your birthday party at daycare it was so wierd that it was do of aw dreams to hay it was so thriky at THE END


A.J said...

Cool story K.P I really liked it !!!!

From A.J