Thursday, May 28, 2009

AS's speech


Anonymous said...

I love your speech about homework - I might have to share it with some of our teachers in Washington State, USA.

Mount Maunganui Primary said...

Hi there,
Thanks for sharing your speech. I think you spoke clearly and confidently, maybe a little fast in places, but I'm sure that's something you could work on with practise. You have raised some very interesting thoughts? Are you the only learner in the world who wants more homework I wonder? I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and your class in the future.
From Mrs Jamieson
(I'll put a URL from one of the teachers I am working with at the moment....nearly all of the five schools I work with are blogging now!)

Belinda said...

Hey AS
What a great idea to post your speech - are you going to put it in your e-Portfolio too? I've heard lots of speeches about homework before but never one that recommends MORE homework! Very original indeed so well done!
Ms J