Friday, May 8, 2009

NZ Music # 4 - Supergroove - You Gotta Know

Can you spot a face you might recognise in Supergroove as a solo NZ singer?
Leave a comment if you know his name!


sa said...

H,i I think that the solo singer is from the group supergroove is dave dobbin by s.a

Anonymous said...

Che Fu

Nice project!

I am Karl Steven´s Mum. You can also see him in the picture, but he is not a solo singer. A part from Supergroove he has another band called Drab doo-riffs. Check it out on Myspace.
All the best from Carin (I lived in Ponsonby for many years)

MrWoody said...

I think it's the brilliantly talented Che Fu :-)

Dave Winter said...

Hey thanks Karl's Mum for comment (I always liked your son's energy) and room 25 for reminding me more about NZ music. Supergroove remind me a little of stereogram Walkie talkie man. Who would be able to design a video as cool as that? What would you do in a music video room 25?

Miss Signal said...

Fantastic! Thank you so much for leaving us a comment Carin.
We will see if we can find some of his bands music online to listen to this month!

mega 25 said...


If I was in a music video I would sing.


D.C said...

I would aks my class to sing & dance,and having a great time together.