Thursday, February 26, 2009

Avi's the Zoo Keepers Visit

On Tuesday a Zoo Keeper came to Room 25 [how exciting!!]. His name was Avi, when he came he told us about his childhood. Then he showed us Tiger and Tasmanian Devil bones. We sat around in a circle then we passed the bones around when it was my turn for the Tiger bone I turned it around and pieces of bone fell on me. After that he showed us a slide show. On the slide show there was the Golden Cat, Tiger, Lion, Otter and the Red Pandas. After that he showed us some Porcupine spikes and feathers then he said"GOODBYE" then he left. I hope he comes again!!!!



Miss Signal said...

Great recount CW, you remembered to tell us things in order about the visit! It was very cool to be able to hold all those bones and feathers!

C.W said...

Thanks Miss Signal for leaving me a comment

C.W said...

Thanks miss Signal for leaving me a comment

Thanks miss you