Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hope you are all having fun with Miss T!
I am enjoying being in Rotorua - it is like being at school! I am already learning lots of amazing things at my conference.

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I wonder if there is anything you know about Rotorua that you could share with me? Leave a comment! Miss S.


Mega 25 said...

Hi Miss S!
We have just been teaching Miss T how to leave comments!
Lots of us have been to Rotorua. This is what we know about it...
*It stinks, it smells like sulphur (in a good way)
*It has a big lake
*It has good motels
*It has a lot of volcanic activity eg mud pools, gysers, and volcancos
*there are heaps of bush walks there
*Its famous for bubble baths

We miss you lots! Come back soon!
From Mega 25 and Miss T

Miss Signal said...

Wow, I am so impressed with you guys - Well done!! Thank you for all your knowledge about Rotorua. I agree that it has good motels!! We are staying at one that has a pool on the roof! :)

I have been learning LOTS! I am just about to learn all about our new 2Touch board. I will tell you more soon.

Have lots of fun! Miss S.