Friday, February 27, 2009

Rotorua Day 3

Today is my final day in Rotorua. Here are some pictures for you... these are some of the hot pools that are around the conference centre. There are lots of them everywhere!

I wonder if you know what this building is??
Miss S.


Mega 25 said...

Hi Miss S
How are you?

We have a few ideas on what the building could be...
*The hotel you are staying at, because we saw the pool on the roof (we think?)
*The conference centre
*A museum
*A whole lot of baches
*A really old building

See you soon, from Mega 25
We miss you!

Miss Signal said...

Wow, what some great guesses you had!

Guess what?!

One of your guesses was right!!
That was a photo of the Rotorua Museum - I think it's pretty amazing building! You can find out more about the museum here ->

Rotorua was amazing! There were lots of hot pools around the place, but I didn't see any mud pools sorry! I learnt alot of things and talked about teaching and computers with alot of amazing teachers!

Remember that I am in Matamata on Monday talking to more teachers! I will post some pictures from the day.

I can't wait to see you all on Tuesday.
Have a great day! Miss S.