Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rotorua Part 2

You gave me some good information about Rotorua Mega 25, thanks for that! I found some geysers and mud pools near the convention centre. I will take some photos for you today!

Yesterday was a very busy day - I went to 2 workshops where I learnt lots of new things. I also presented to 30 teachers about telling 5 frame stories. This story called 'Don't Play On The Stairs' was my favourite. Click here to see it.

I wonder, what the best thing is that you have been doing while i've been away? I will take some more photos for you today!
Have fun, Miss S.


Mega 25 said...

Dear Miss S

That photo is really cool! We can't wait to see the ones you take yourself!
Today we have been very busy finishing off lots of work and looking at our blog. We have just put some recounts up for everyone to read.

We are sure you will leave us lots of comments!
Hear from you soon
Mega 25 and Miss T