Thursday, February 26, 2009

Excellent Expert no 1

Woohoo !!!!!! Avi the excellent expert is coming soon and I'm so excited. He works at Auckland Zoo with the carnivores, you may have seen him on The Zoo T.V. show recently. Hey look there he is! "Hi guys". he says, "I'm Avi the Zoo Keeper". First he told us about his childhood and how he got into being a zoo keeper. Avi told us how he went to Africa and saw to Cheetahs and helped save them. His first job was as a vet there he got to watch a Persian cat give birth. Soon he started being a volenteer Zoo Keeper. A while after that he became a proper Zoo Keeper. Avi showed us some super cool skulls of a Tasmanian Devil and a Lion, we passed them round and every one went ohhhh ahhhh ehhhhhhhh. Next there was a slide show about the animals at the Zoo. I liked the Tigers best. There was a movie about a Cheetah chasing a Gazalle but then the humans run in and save the Gazalle (those humans sure are fast they should have impact replay.)
Avi had some awesome bird feathers. (one side was gold /yellow and one side was perfect turquioze. ) I think Avi was a great excellent expert.



cw said...

your work is so coooooool i wish I can write like you

Miss Signal said...

Fantastic recount AJ, I can tell that you were very excited about having Avi come to visit!