Friday, March 13, 2009

The hip hop band,Restoration

We were walking to the hall for something. Really it was Restoration the hip hop band. Their names were Matt, John, Albert, Josh and Paul. They sung lots of songs. We clapped and sung along. John was really funny when we said ''good morning'' he said that his grandma said it better. They sung really loud and it took a long time. It was great fun. Then we were going to see who was the better dancers the girls, the boys or the teachers. That took ages to decide it. But finally they said that the teachers won, but all of teachers are girls. Then we went back to class.



A.A said...

Nice story C.H.It was so so cool.good job nice work.

MrsRichards said...

C.H. you are a brilliant writer with great sentence structure. Restoration sounded like a fun group to watch. I think the teachers dancing would have been really funny. If Mega 25 need some lessons on how to say "good morning" so they sound better than John's grandma then I could arrange some very talented students from Room 17 to give some lessons.

SummerlandPrimaryR4 said...

Woah.... Your post would be more helpful if you put a video of them singing! I think they would be great too!

Lynette ;) SummerlandR4

Mega 25 said...

Hi Mrs Richards,
Thanks for commenting on CH's work. We would love if some of your students came to our class!