Friday, March 13, 2009


"Why are we going the hall Miss Tizard?" "You'll have to wait until we get inside."
We went into the hall. "COOL a hip-hop band!
Today a hip-hop band called Restoration came. They sang the meanest songs!
My favourite song was "best friends!" The people in the bands names were Matt, John, Albert, Josh and Paul. Matt, John, Albert and Josh are the singers and Paul plays the electric guitar.
They sang lots of LOUD rap songs. One of the rap songs was called "Desperation".
The third song they made us dance to one of their favourite songs.
The last song they showed us had some actions and we danced their actions to another song.
It was really AWESOME seeing them perform.
I had a great day.
By. E.B


A.A said...

Cool story there E.B.Good job nice work.