Friday, March 13, 2009

The Restorations

On Thursday 12th March 2009 The Restorations came and they introduced themselves to us.They told us their names their names were Matt, John, Albert, Josh and Paul. They said they were all from Christchurch. They also told that they will help the kids on the street. They said that you should always stay in school, listen to your teachers and be a good person. After that they sang some of their songs which were Do It, Best Friend, Be Mine, Resto and Welcome. After every song everyone clapped and when they sang the song Resto they asked us to make diamond hands and put our hands up and down. They also asked us to hold one hand and put it up and down too. When they were about to leave a boy from a year six class came and said "thank you for coming and singing all those cool Hip Hop songs for us." They said "Bye" to everyone and the kids hi fived with with Matt, Josh, Albert, John and they went. Then all the kids went back to class and started studying again.

Written by C.W&A.A


Anba said...

Wow, that is so cool... . I think your school teachers are doing a great job. You guys should thank Elm Park School Teachers and Administration for turning your learning process into such a exciting experience. Anyway keep learning and enjoy every moment of your primary school as it only comes ones in a lifetime..........

Victoria Chidley said...

Hello Mega 25!
Holly guachamole!! What a choice blog site!!! I have been reading through all of your entries for your visit to the hall to see the group Restoration! Just from reading what you all had written, I wished I was there!! You wrote your blogs so well, I really wish I had heard the songs "best friends" and "Do it". Not only a cool sounding group, they also stand by some great ideas! Staying in School is a really important one!! You all sound so fabulous!! Hello to Miss T and Miss S, you are very extra lucky to have TWO amazing teachers!! I look forward to keeping track with what you all get up to!! I hope the weather over in New Zealand is as lovely as it always is. Today in London there are beautiful blue skies and a crisp tempreture. I am heading to the British Museum today. Have a lovely week. Vx

Mega 25 said...

Hello Miss Chidley
Wow, how cool that you are going to a British museum. Hopefully you can tell us about how it was! How is the weather? Today it is sunny in New Zealand, with some clouds. But it has been a bit rainy. Thanks for the comment, we appreciate it!
Mega 25