Thursday, March 5, 2009

XO Computer

Check out this funky little laptop!
I just got to play with it - this laptop is part of a project called 'The One Laptop Project'. This is a project where people around the World buy one of these XO laptops and then a laptop is given free, to a child in a part of the World, where they don't have alot of technology.

Here is some more information.


Mega 25 said...
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SummerlandPrimaryR4 said...

Wow! Awesome laptop!

I thought it was just a new-fashioned computer!

I would love to see more!

Lynette :) ;)
From SummerlandPrimary

A. said...

Hi,Miss S how r u? I think there is a present 4 u in that box and i reconize sky tower in that picture that u took there and that laptop is sooooo cool Miss S ok bye and i miss u all lot Miss S From: A. who is in Room 25.
March 6, 2009 8:56 PM

Antonia w (morrinsville Intermediate) said...

Hello mega 25. Can you get the xo computer in any different colour? can you get the internet on this computer? If you are woting to know wear I am from morrinsville Intermediate.