Friday, March 13, 2009

The Restoration!

On Thursday's warm morning we all went to the hall to listen to the ''Restoration.''
At frist they introduced they names,they names are Matt,John,Albert,Josh and Paul.They introduced some songs and then the nextand the next songs. The next song, it was my favourite song.It is called ''Best friends.''It was so cool,and then the next song ,it was a hip hop it was called ''Do it.'' He told us to say ''Do it'' after him.At the last song Josh told us to put our hands up and make a diamonds. After that a boy said a nice sentence to them thanking them for coming.After that beautiful sentence Josh and Matt gave us high fives.After that Miss S told us to stand up and we went back to class.



A.A said...

Wow!!!! that is so cool soooo nice