Friday, March 13, 2009


Where are we going Miss Tizard? "You will have to wait and see" said Miss Tizard. WOW are we having a disco or something we all said? Once we had all settled down four men stood up and said "Hi Elm Park School". "How about a cheerful good morning?" "Good morning" he said. "Good morning"we all said in a non-excited tone. "Hey you know what?" said one of the men as he stood up and said "my grandma can do better than that she wakes me up in the morning with a cheerful good morning." "Anyway our band name is Restoration and we help kids get on their feet and go to school and get those brain's working hard." "Oky doky" said the second man and stood up "we're going to sing you a few song's,the genre is Hip hop." They sang a few songs and on the last song they told us to put our hands in the air and make a diamond then you have to bounce your hands up and down. The song ended and we stopped bouncing our hands "that was the last song" said one of the men. "But if you want to see us in the weekend go to Pacifica (Western Springs).

Written By : A.S & A.J