Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beyond IT

I am into Day 2 of my last conference for the week. I am at a conference with lots of other teachers who are absolutely amazing - I am very excited! We are talking alot about learning with technology and there are alot of amazing ideas being shared.

We were very lucky yesterday to be given a box with a bow on it... What do you think was in it?

Here is a photo from my hotel room - I look right across the city.
Can you see any buildings that you recognise?

Hope you are having a great week!
Miss S.


Mega 25 said...

Hi Miss Signal!
Sorry it has taken us so long to reply to you but we were to busy being famous skipping superstars!
Here are some of the things we think could be in the box...
The XO laptop
A pet
A surprise like a Jack in the box

We really hope you tell us whats in the box because we are busting to know!!!!

In the photo from your room in the hotel we could see the Harbour Bridge, the Sky Tower and the TVNZ building (RC's mum works here)

From Mega 25 and Miss T